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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Candies, Chocolates & Foods From The Around The World

Spend a day perusing our huge collection of lollies and candies and let your jaw hit the floor – there’s more room for stuffing it full with sugary treats that way. Our online candy store is overflowing with bulk lollies in all shapes and sizes, and colors, gummi lollies, sour candies, rock candy, chocolates, fairy floss, lollipops, and gumballs. You’ll find lollies that are perfect for packing into party flavors, as well as fizzy sherbet treats, sour straps, and other bulk confectionery treats for candy buffets.

For all your sweet treats and sugary cravings, Candy Ocean is Australia’s favorite choice for bulk and wholesale confectionery, sweets, chocolates, lollies, and candies.

Candy Ocean offers over 1,000 product lines in-store so be prepared and let your eyes dance over the enormous range of local and imported groceries like sauces, cereals, spreads, salsas, mustards, and of course, everyone’s favorite candy.